Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just when I thought our appartment couldn't get any more cluttered. . .

Husband's parents are retiring and moving, so earlier last week they asked him to come out and pick up some of his things that they had been storing for him.

That evening when I got home, this is what I found when I walked in the door:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you're looking at two guitars (a Gibson and a Fender), a violin, three B-flat clarinets, an A-clarinet, an E-flat sopranino clarinet, two E-flat alto clarinets, a primitive type of clarinet called a basset horn, an oboe, a saxophone, and a flute.

One of these B-flat clarinets is a very valuable professional-quality Buffett clarinet:

You see, Husband and I used to be musicians. In fact, we met in college where we were both music majors. But, since graduating, we've both decided that we're not as passionate about music as we once were, and have both pursued careers outside the musical world.

Husband hasn't touched these instruments in about three years.

I'm trying to convince him to sell them so that we can work on our goal of saving up to buy a house. Wish me luck!


Victor said...

If you have trouble selling them, you might consider donating them to some local schools. A friend of mine is the music director at a local school, and they always need instruments.

Molly said...

That's a great idea, victor! We may just do that.

zilch_turkey said...

i don't know if the basset horn will be of any use to any high schools, but who knows? and the buffett? you should ebay that guy. i think its waaay to valuable to just donate.