Friday, November 21, 2008

Home for the Holidays

The question is, whose home?

Although Husband and I have only been married a couple months, we have been living together for two years, and dating for over six. So, the "where will we spend the holidays?" question is one we've gotten used to struggling over.

Last Thanksgiving, we decided to do a double-header. Our parents live about an hour's drive apart from each other, so we planned on having a Thanksgiving lunch with his family and then Thanksgiving dinner with mine. Sound exhausting? It was.

This year, deciding that we were not up for a repeat of last year's hectic rush, we went back and forth quite a bit before finally making the decision to have Thanksgiving with my family. I happily announced to my mother that she "won," only to be told that she wasn't expecting us and had made plans to go out of town! I was completely disappointed. Fortunately, after some discussion, she and my step-father decided that if we would spend Thanksgiving with them, they would stay home.

Christmas, is still up in the air. Because of Husband's job, he may need to work on Christmas. His family traditionally exchanges gifts on Christmas Eve, so there would be no loss there; but I will then be left to spend my first Christmas day as a wife alone with my own family.

I'm sure that will be fine, but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't feel just a little bit lonely if that is the case.


Carol said...

Darn. Left to spend Christmas Day alone with your own family. Is there anything we can do to make it more tolerable?

Molly said...

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce my mother.

I am happy to spend Christmas with my family, but I want my husband to spend Christmas with his newly adopted family also.

Sarah said...

What do you do at Easter? Mother's Day? Father's Day?
Christmas we have got on rotation now. This year it's my parents turn, but we will go to Paul's parents in the evening. We will probably go to them for Boxing Day too.
I'm quite pleased there's four days of Christmas this year, as Paul's family still aren't quite used to me having to work on Christmas eve and the day after Boxing Day, and I hope we can have some time to ourselves or with friends.
It's not uncommon for businesses and offices to close for two weeks here in the UK, but of course, the news never stops (much to my mother's annoyance a few years ago, when I was still reporting, I ended up interviewing someone, over the phone, in the middle of Christmas dinner).
Back to the issue in hand. The family who doesn't get Christmas dinner gets us for Easter, and the parents days, well, we see how they go. It's a nightmare to visit either of our fathers on Father's Day, as the annual London to Brighon bike ride takes place and we live on the route about a mile from the finish line.
It's hell trying to get anywhere unless it's on foot or by train.

So, in answer to your question, you need to work out a rota of annual holidays etc.