Friday, November 14, 2008

A Date for the Opera

A few posts ago, I gushed about how Husband bought me tickets to see Denyce Graves in Carmen (Photo taken from the Washington Post. Photographer Karen Kooper)

I came home one evening, and Husband sneakily tricked me into checking my date book for something. When I opened it up to November, I saw the date of the Opera highlighted, and my tickets were taped inside!

He got laid that night.

Something I didn't mention before though, is how happy I am with his honesty. Husband asked me if I wanted him to join me at the opera. I answered his question with another question: Do you actually want to go?

Of course, I would love for my husband to get dressed-up with me and stroll down the red carpet at the Kennedy Center (no really, the carpeting at the Kennedy Center is red!) and escort me to my seat; but I knew that once he sat in his seat he'd be bored to death for the rest of the evening.

Back to our discussion: He said that he would happily go if I wanted him to go. But that's not what I asked. I wanted to know if he would actually gain any pleasure out of hearing Denyce Graves' sultry voice decorating some of the most seductive music in the opera universe.

"Honestly? No, I'd be bored to death. You always complain about how so many people buy up tickets to the opera, who don't actually want to be there. They just go to be seen. You should take someone who will enjoy it as much as you will."

Next week when I am strutting down the Kennedy Center's red carpet, the person on my arm will be one of my very best friends. My college roommate who studied opera with me at Shenandoah, and who is an even bigger opera fanatic than I am.

Thank you, Husband!


Victor said...

That's great! But what enquiring minds want to know is...

...did you get the Christian LaCroix slingbacks?

Molly said...

Sorry to disappoint you, Victor, but I didn't. I really and TRULY looked ito it, but Zappos didn't have them in my gargantuan size.

I'm planning on wearing a pair of croc-print patent leather peep-toes with my Gramma's dress (the lady had AMAZING taste!).