Friday, October 10, 2008

Diff'rent Strokes

Husband and I have very different family models. You know, the sorts of families that we were raised in and the sorts of families we expect to lead. I am reminded of this frequently by our different reactions to things. Here's something that happened last night:

I came home with a package I had picked up from the post office. It came from Target, where we had registered for wedding gifts. Husband was sitting in "his room" (an office type space where he spends much of his time playing video games), and I began to open the package on the dining room table.

"It's from the W's!"
"That's nice."
"What the hell do we need a waffle iron for?"
"To make waffles, silly!"
"Did you actually register for that?"
"Oh honey, I understand now. You obviously did not grow up in a household that had a waffle iron. Therefore, you cannot possibly know the pure joy that can only come from eating fresh, hot, homemade waffles on Saturday morning. We'll fix that this weekend."

Now, where's the Bisquick?

1 comment:

zilch_turkey said...

but, we had waffle irons in the caf! in fact, i remember your better half eating them on occasion.