Monday, October 27, 2008

Warning: TMI post ahead

We're going to get intimate with our discussion here for a moment, so if you know me personally and don't want to think gross things about me or if you're in my family or something, you may avert your eyes.

This is a blog about being married, and part of marriage is sex.

I ran out of BC pills last week. It totally caught me off guard. I called up the pharmacy to refill my prescription and they said that my prescription had expired and that they couldn't refill it without a doctor's approval. Oh my god! Has it been a year already?

Well that took place on a Friday, so it wasn't until Monday that I could call my doctor's office. They were able to get me an appointment for today. That's a little over a week without the pill.

Well, I went in this morning, and my doctor was able to get me a fresh prescription after some unpleasant poking and prodding; but I was caught off guard again when she said that I should wait until the beginning of my next menstrual cycle to start it up again. And then, I should "use a back up method," for one full cycle.

Well shit. That amounts to two months of condoms. Husband is not going to be happy.

In other news, I finished one of the Christmas stockings. I promise I'll post a photo. I also will get that muffin recipe up this week.


Victor said...

Just remind hubby of what one of the two possible outcomes are if he's not happy with the condoms.

(Found you via Manolo before his spam filters deleted your comment. Those shoes are gorgeous and I hope you can find the money to buy them!)

Anonymous said...

That's crazy.
I've had that happen before but they let me have one more pack to get me through. I wonder why they couldn't just give you one more.

Leigh Anne said...

Indeed. Condoms for 2 months are better than the alternative for 9 months!

Sarah said...

I think Leigh Anne is being optimistic with the alternative nine months.
It's more like 25 years!