Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our Porch

Our first-floor apartment has a nice little porch. It's pretty bare, but there's a hedge and a couple trees just outside it that make it green and pleasant.

Last year, I put some plants out there, but there were a couple problems: I didn't get enough for the size of the space; and also, turns out you have to water plants if you want them to last at all.

I'm ready for round two now. I went to Home Depot and got some flowers with labels that say they do well in the shade. I also got some boxes and mountings.

After about $100 and an hour of work the porch looks lovely. I realized when I got back from the store that I only got one mounting for the two boxes I bought, but now that I'm finished I like the multiple levels of color.

I think that all I need now is a small table to rest a couple glasses of iced tea.


S-Boy said...

Awesome! I would love to have a porch like that. I hope you got some good plants for the area. =)

Veronica Hohenstein said...

Your porch looks great! I actually potted some plants and herbs myself! It was quite a task considering I do not have a green thumb but it turned out well!

Dra. Aures said...

Hi Moll
Porch looks wonderful and cozy. Bringing nature in does provide a pleasant sense of continuity and integration.
from SEƑORA AURES the mother of Mariana!